DentLab Manager is specially designed for dental laboratories and it is based on the specifications of the Norwegian Dental Technician Association. Those specifications are also based on specifications of health from the European Union.

DentLab Manager was tested at several of the leading laboratories in the region before the introduction to the market in the autumn 2011. DentLab Manager is useful for more than 80 individual enterprises, medium and major dental laboratories in Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Those labs also benefit from a system that has been updated many times since January 2011, based on feedback from its users. Their confidence in our product make them to have better control of the logistics, orders, invoices, etc.

DentLab Manager is continuously being updated in order to improve the user experience and we are very proud of the fact that our customers are saving precious time using DentLab Manager.

Our development and support departments are located in Montevideo – Uruguay, which is the main software exporter in Latin America, where your requests will be taken by our best staff. We always do our best to reach your expectations.

But, let our customers talk for us…