DentLab Manager – Your System for Dental Technicians

There are many functionalities in DentLab Manager. The system is modular and is used by labs with different needs in all sizes. Below are some of the main functionality titles.

Follow the workflow

You have a good overview of when the work is going out. For the largest labs, you can divide into units per department, per day for many days to come.

The system alerts you in red color if a work is about to be delayed so you can keep an eye on the performance.

Quality Assurance and Tracking

Quality assurance is performed on a continuous basis, while the work is carried out. When some work is registered as done in a department, all necessary data is recorded as who did what, where and how. Simple and easy. This also provides good reports.

A significant part of the statutory requirements is the tracking. In DentLab Manager you will quickly find out which work has been done by the different technicians.

Prepared for import

You have an overview of shipments and, in just a few clicks, you have all documents ready in advance. The journal system has also developed the possibility that a sheet of Order info in English will be produced at the same moment upon registration. These functionalities are made in collaboration with the largest import labs in Norway.

Billing via mail and EHF

All work is collected and billed whenever you want. Your choices are print, PDF, mail and/or EHF. Once the routines are in place, the labs use minutes for this. Something to think about in labs that still do this using a pen.

DentLab Manager contains all statutory requirements

The journal system contains all statutory requirements. DentLab Manager was developed in collaboration with the IKT Committee of Norway’s Dental Technicians Association. This again is based on the Directorate of Health and rules in common with the EU. In addition, the industry itself has defined its own requirements based on its own routines.


Barcode in DentLab Manager

Adding batches to materials continuously can take time. At least when there are many. You can save time by using barcode when registering.

You can also use barcode for registration of started or completed work.


Statistics and earnings summary

You can split into reports for most details. Customers, products, time periods and groups of this. With simple clicks, you also see ongoing sales and fast when the last customer ordered a job.


Accounting Export

There are several Accounting systems that are supported by this module, so you can easily send your accounting information to your accountant.